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QuickSurf 2010 - Build 100606

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I have uploaded QuickSurf 2010 Build 100606 which contains a fix for problems with draping, ASPEC with Auto, and LWPOLYLINES in AutoCAD 2010. Older version years (QuickSurf 2009 and older) do not have this problem. Download the new version from the QuickSurf demo page.



Tom B

RockWare Inc

- When I attempt to drape a 2d routepolyline onto the surface file (copy attached "CV102-Dischargepts.qsb") the resulting 3d polyline deviates from the route after thecurve (see attached "route1 Drape Arror.dwg").

- If auto interval is selected in the intersecting slopedialogue box the routine selects a 0 interval and Autocad locks up (seeattached screen shots) and Autocad has to be shut down with task manager. Theroutine works OK if an interval is entered.

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