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Problems with decimals interval.

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I´m having a big problem to compile my logs because here in Brazil we use the " , " as decimal separator, and the Logplot only read " . " as a decimal separator.

When I have only a few logs there is no problem for me to edit the Batch file and do a replace, but when there is many logs anyone knows a solution?

Thank You.

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Hi Amaro,

LogPlot7 should be able to handle non-US number formats (e.g. 123.456.789,0). If your number format is established in your Windows system settings (Control Panel | Regional and language Options), the first time you start up LogPlot, it will look to the Windows system settings to know how to display your numbers in both the data window and in the compiled logs, such as using "," as the decimal place.

(note: The program still, however, stores the actual data in the DAT files using US formatting. So even if you enter a data value as 0,53 in the data editor, if you were to open the DAT file in Notepad, it would be stored as 0.53)

Because of the fact that LP stores data using US numbering, if you are using the menu-based Batch file (a BTC file name extension), you'll need to enter real numbers using a "." for the decimal place. For example, a decimal plotting scale of 5,5 would need to be entered into the BTC file as 5.5. The same holds true for command-line batch files.

If you have specific examples of problems you are experiencing, please communicate with me by email and send sample files if possible.


Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc

[email protected]

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