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new user - need help

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I would appreciate if someone would help me. I have an XLS data file (easting, northing, Z) as well as a picture of the lake as *.jpg file (I have UTM's to calibrate the map).

I would like to superpose the Z data onto the lake and create a contour plot (Z values). Any suggestions on how to do that?

Thank you very much for your help.


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Hi LG,

I don't know what programs you have available but in RockWorks there is a function (Grafix/Images/Digitize From Bitmap) for digitizing. You could either create a polygon to describe the borders of the lake and use a Grid Polygon Filter to modify an existing grid. Or you could just generate points with Z values.

There are probably similar functions if you're using Surfer.

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Guest Tofer Lewis

Hi LG,

I'm not sure what you mean by "super impose the z value." If you already have the x,y,z data from the excel file, then there is no reason to do this from the picture? - not sure...

It sounds like you want to load your x,y,z data, create a grid of the data and then drape the photo of the lake over that grid and view it in 3D possibly.

First I would copy and paste your 3 columns of data from excel into the Utilities sheet, set your dimensions and then create a grid based map. you can then use the graphix menu to drape the arial photo over the grid you saved.

Just make sure that the project dimensions from the grid are close to that of the photo, you may have some overlap where the photo is larger or smaller then the grid. You may need to clip, or just make sure the dimensions of the photo, match the grid that you make. - Follow Mitch's suggestions for clipping...

Hope this helps...

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I'm new user of this website. I need help from other users.


We have a forum for new users that will give you details on how to use the RockWare Support Forum- it can be found here.

We'd be happy to try and answer any software-related questions that you might have.


Tom Meuzelaar

RockWare, Inc.

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