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Rob Faas

export lithology model into visual modflow

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hi all,

i had a question. i made in rockware a lithology model for an environmental model I need to make in visual modflow. i was wondering is anybody knows a way to export this model from rockware and import this into visual modflow?

i figured that i could export the model with a resolution of say 1 meter, make in visual modflow the same amount for every layer a grind file containing the x ,y, and K values (which are linked to the lithology). but if your model is 200 deep this a bloody lot of work.

Does somebody knows a better and more efficient way??

hope someone can help me on this..



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Hi Rob,

I just took a quick look at Visual MODFLOW 2009.1, and I believe that you are correct. The only way to import this type of data is layer by layer.

I will email SWS tech support to confirm this and will let you know if they have any other suggestions.

Best Regards,


Alison Alcott

[email protected]

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Hi alison,

thanks for the effort to e-mail SWS. did they already reply to you with an other solution for this problem?

I hope so, since it would safe me a lot of time importing.




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