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Can I use elevations for depth ranges in patterns

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I would like to use elevations in the patterns table within borehole manager.

Can I do this?

I have a stickup that I would like to represent which means it is negative ft above ground surface level. Can I use elevations instead?

Observation. The patterns you pick within the patterns tab within borehole manager do not always look like what you get when you click on striplogs and single log 2d. I finally picked symbols in the patterns that looked something like the output but I had a bunch of failures first. What you see is what you get does not apply. Is this a correct observation

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No, all logs are assumed to start at a depthe of 0 and data must be entered in depth.

The patterns are designed to have the same view resolution regardless of device (e.g. printer, moniter) even if you zoom or change the scale. They may appear different depending on the size of the boundaries but if you look closely you'll see that they really are the same.

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