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3D animation perspective change in real time?

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Is it possible to create an animation and change the perspective of each time frame/ model so that the viewer can have a better understanding of where the subsurface plume is oriented? Ideally I would like to start out with a standard SW oriented cube and then move it into a more vertical position to display the specific stratigraphic unit that the plume lies in. I have found the Rockworks animator to be very cumbersome at best.

Alternatively we have considered placing an inset (picture-in-picture) plan view animation that would run along with the 3D animation to give the view a better idea of the plume placement.

I am hoping that I don't have to resort to a third party animation software product to accomplish the desired end result?

Any helpful hints would be very appreciated.


Joseph Plummer

ECM, Inc.

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Hi Joseph,

It sounds like the RockPlot3D File / Animations / Rotation tool should do what you want. Try this:

1. Set your 3D view to head-on from the southwest (View / Custom View with Compass Bearing at 225 and Angle at 0).

2. Select File / Animations / Rotation.

3. For the rotation axis try a direction of 90 and angle of 0 (horizontal). This will rotate the view along an axis which extends from left to right, horizontally, in the current scene. (The axis direction is RELATIVE TO THE CURRENT VIEW, not declared in absolute direction. This actually makes it pretty easy: regardless of your current viewpoint, a rotation axis from left to right in the current scene is always a direction of 90.)

!! You also need to be sure to use the little arrow buttons to establish these values (you'll see the Vector from Origin updated as you do so); typing them in isn't being recognized properly by the program. A problem we will fix.

4. For this test, set the Number of Frames to 10, and the Frames per Second to 2, and the Degrees per Frame to 10.

5. Enter a name for the AVI file, and choose Play Animation if you like.

6. Click OK.

7. Select the compression (uncompressed is fine for this test).

What you should see is a rotation of the scene with the southwest corner rotating downward to result in a view of the top of the model. If you prefer to save the frames individually, you can do that for later animation with more controls over pausing, annotations, etc.

Hope this helps.

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc

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