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i would like to know if is possible to create some breaklines or discontinuity (wall, streets, slope etc...) in a contouring map.

Thank you


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Hi Alessio,

RockWorks does not have the ability to use breaklines for gridding, but the Triangulation mapping method does a good job handling man-made discontinuities in the surface. The Utilities Map | EZ-Map menu command uses the triangulation method to create a TIN or triangulation network for interpolation, and the Map | Grid-Based Map menu uses triangulation to interpolate a regularly-spaced grid file.

For walls and streets, you may want to define the boundaries in a fault table. When gridding, RockWorks gives the points on the far side of the fault line a lower weight, and this can improve your interpolation.

I will add your request for breaklines to the suggestion file.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

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