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scale problem in ReportWorks

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I tried to make a layout with a fixed scale in the ReportWorks14. I clicked on the property of the drawing and selected "Custom- Units" / "Centimeter, but the output scale was not correct. Same problem appeared in setting the scale bar. How can I solve the problem please?

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Hi olivialam,

I cannot duplicate the problem setting the scale in ReportWorks. I load a RK6 file containing a borehole locations map created with the Samples data, double-click on the map, set the Custom - Units to Centimeter, specify Easting (X) = 100, Northing (Y) = 100, and Exaggeration = 1, and click Apply then Close. The resulting scale bars along the axes of the map line up with the centimeter grid on the page.

When printing, I select the printer, click OK, then get the following prompt:

"The design page is larger than the printer page.

Do you want to rescale to fit the page?

I click No, and the map is printed at the scale I specified earlier. If I click Yes, the map is not printed at the specified scale.

If your results are different, please provide more information about the procedure that you perform, and the results of the procedure. You are also welcome to send me your files, and I will take a look here.


Tom B

RockWare Inc

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