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T-data solid model column shapes?

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I am trying to create solid models of DCE chemical data for given time periods and the models are looking quite strange.

Algorithem: IDW: H=2 V=2, search method: all points, Search dist: 1500ft.

Data is constrained by upper surface grid and lower surface grid, and it has a tendency to just create columns where there is data and extend from the upper grid surface to the lower grid surface? From the pictures I have seen in the help files etc, the example solid models for T-data look much more natural with the plumes tapering off on the leading edges, where data starts to fall off. My models on the other hand are columnar in shape, with dough-nut holes in the middle of some of them due to non-detect data points. I have tried just about every other algorithm with the same general outcome. Any insight into these issues would be helpful.


Joseph Plummer

ECM, Inc.

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Hi Joseph,

To recap our phone conversation, please try the following suggestions:

  • Change the vertical weighting to a higher number, e.g. 5. With the horizontal and vertical weighting the same, the algorithm is only seeing the points within the borehole and none from other boreholes that are further away.
  • Change the search radius from 1500 to a higher value.


Tom B

RockWare, Inc.

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