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Hydro GoeBuilder Data to Groundwater Vistas

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Hi. Im Hilmi Ramli from Kelantan, Malaysia working at Air Kelantan Sdn Bhd. Im looking and interested to buy the Hydro GeoBuilder software for my company operation. Firstly, I want to ask about ;

a. Capability the Hydro GeoBuilder to send / integrate the data to Groundwater Vistas software without Modflow software? Whether the Groundwater Vistas software can be process the data from Hydro Geobuilder without Modflow. As I know after read the introduction Groundwater Vistas at website, Groundwater Vistas can be receive the data from Modflow only but not from Hydro Geobuilder. In my case, i don't want to use the Modflow software and want to use Groundwater Vistas and Hydro Geobuilder only.

b. How to integrate / join the data from Hydro Geobuilder to Groundwater Vistas?

Hopefully, I can getting your answer as soon as possible.


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