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QuickSurf 2010 Compatibility

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Does anyone have a clue if QuickSurf 2010 will run on top of progCAD 2010 Professional? The latter is supposed to be Autocad compatible in most ways.

Also, are there any new features in QS 2010 that aren't in the excellent version 5.1 (which I am still using with Autocad 2000i)?

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Hi Mud,

  • QuickSurf runs under AutoCAD using an ARX executable file. It looks like progeCAD does not support this type of file.

  • QuickSurf 6.0 has the following features not found in 5.1:
    • Added a contour to points command.

    • Updated the DEM import.

    • Changes and fixes to the QSB save and read.

    • Fixes to the contour auto label.

    • Improvements in the surfacing with breaklines.

    • Import XLS (Excel) file data directly.

    • Import QSX file.

    • Export QSX file.

    • Export ArcInfo grid format.

    • Export Rockworks grid format.

    • Export Terragen grid format.

    • Export Zmap-plus grid format.

    • Export Surfer ASCII grid format.

    • Export BNA boundary file.

    • Import BNA boundary format.

    • Export SHP file contours.

    • Menu and lisp changes.

    • Online documentation will have new pages for all these commands.

    • All the new commands have also been added to the interface in a lisp callable format.


Tom B

QuickSurf Product Manager

RockWare Inc

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