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RockWorks15 Network License Setup - automation

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We've had a number of network users requesting a method of installing the program and setting up the network licensing that's easier to accomplish than doing this interactively on each individual computer. Here are some suggestions:

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1) Silent Installation:

Use the /SILENT or /VERYSILENT parameters on the command line to suppress the installation dialogs.

Example 1: (A status window is displayed but no user input is required)

"C:\installs\rockworks15_installation.exe" /Silent

Example 2: (No windows are displayed at all)

"C:\installs\rockworks15_installation.exe" /VerySilent

- - - - - - - - - - - -

2) Remote license setup:

We have developed a program which will establish the RockWorks15 licensing information for a network license. The program must be run in the local space of the computer where RockWorks15 is being licensed. It requires that RockWorks15 be already installed. It runs via command line. Please contact RockWare if you have purchased a network license and wish to use this tool, and we can email it to you.


RwSetNetworkPath -Help -Registration <string> -Licensee <string> -Path <string>


RwSetNetworkPath -r "RW15CN1234" -l "RockWare Inc" -p "F:\my license files\rw15.lic"


Sets up RockWorks15 Licensing for a network license and stores the Registration Number, Licensee Name and Path to the network licensing file. This program allows a network administrator to set this information with a command line utility instead of running the RockWorks GUI.


-Help: Shows this information, any other parameters are ignored

-Registration <string>: Value to be stored for the Registration Number (required)

-Licensee <string>: Value to be stored for the Licensee Name (required)

-Path <string>: Path to network licensing file (required)


0: success

1: nothing to do (e.g. help invoked)

2: parameters wrong or inconsistent

3: Network license file was not found

4: RockWorks15 was not installed or licensing is corrupted

5: RockWorks15 license could not be set, RwSetNetworkPath is possibly being run w/o administrative rights

6: unknown error


Parameters can be abbreviated to a single character (i.e. -Licensee "RockWare Inc" can be -l "RockWare Inc")

If any of the string values have spaces, delimit it with double quotes.

You can enter the license file path using mapped drive letters or UNC notations; this program will automatically decode mapped drives to a UNC format for storage in Rockworks.

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