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Plan view animation problems?

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I have created a morphed plume animation using 10 solid models morphed together with 3 intermediary steps between each model. I have been able to successfully animate these models in the 3D viewing format, however when I try to create a birds eye view plan view and animate the plume it errors out at the end of the animation frame sequence? So far I have received two separate error messages, 1. "Plan view animation failed to create AVI video work file error #2147205009

2. "Access violation at address 0046F518 in module RkPlot3D14.exe Read of address 000000C0.

Has anyone else had these problems while trying to animate a solid model in plan view format?


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Hi Joseph,

I can't recreate these errors in Rockworks14 - my plan view morph animation works ok. I would first check that you are using the last posted version of RockWorks14 (see our Downloads / Product Updates page should you need to update). Otherwise, please save your Rockplot3d view, zip it with all of its linked files (File / Zip All Linkes Files), and upload to the RockWare support folder (http://www.rockware.com/upload/). In this manner we can test with your actual data.


RockWare Inc

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