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Rockworks 2004 Borehole Manager patterns

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post-135-1137166844.jpgHello, I have a lot of wells and boreholes I have entered in Rock works 2004.

I am trying to get overlapping patterns to show up but I am not having much luck.

The patterns that I select under the pattern tab do not show up when I look at single log under striplogs.

Under patterns tab

-2.03 22.80 239/3.0/16711680/16711680/2 PVC casing

0.00 16.30 9/3.0/16777215/0/1 Seal Bent

17.3 22.0 4/2.0/16777215/0/1 screen

16.3 22.8 2/2.0/16777215/0/1 sand

I can get a clear pattern if I pretend they are distinct sections but this is not what we want. We want the logs to show the overlapping areas.

Can anyone point me to where I can find out how to properly lay this out so I do not have to make a lot of changes within Rockplot. The attachment is what I get from the above.


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This is not possible in RockWorks 2004. You might consider using Symbols to indicate your sub items. Another option is to take a look at the LogPlot 2005 program which generates detailed and highly customizable boring logs. It can read RockWorks 2004 borehole files directly.

In RW2006 we'll be providing the ability to do Well Construction diagrams which appears to be what you're looking for.

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post-135-1137176303.jpgWe may look at log plot later but for now we want to use RW2004.

It is not perfect but I can get around it by setting distinct intervals in patterns.

12.29 13.29 2/3.0/16777215/0/3 sand

13.29 22.79 29/4.0/16777215/0/3 screen

22.79 25.1 2/3.01/16777215/0/3 sand

The sand layer actually goes throught the screen layer.

This works but why does pattern I set in the pattern tab not show up when I pick strip logs single log (2d). It defaults to something entirely different. :blink:

Thanks Marcella

An Attachment of what it defaults to.

Can I list my depth intervals as elevation or does it have to be depth.

I want the top of the casing to show and it is - feet but it would be positive elevation

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I can't recreate the problem with the patterns changing between their display in the data tabs and in the log display. Perhaps the best way to tackle this is via email rather than this forum since it's more of a tech support question. Feel free to zip and email your project files to our support box ([email protected]) with a note specifying the revision number you're using, as displayed in the title bar at the very top of the RockWorks window.

Re: other questions, depths have to be entered as depths. RockWorks generates elevations in the background, based on the borehole surface elevations and the depth data. This allows RockWorks to support inclined and deviated boreholes.

Above-ground casings will not be shown on your logs or log sections.


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