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Striplog Title Alignment

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I would like to set the default alignment for borehole titles in the Striplog dialog layout options. I can see how to do this afterwards in RockPlot2D, but this is too time consuming for lots of holes.

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Hi Mark,

You can establish the vertical offset and the angle of the title text in the 2D Striplog Designer window. Just click on the Title item in the Visible Items listing, and adjust the offset and orientation in the Title Options to the right.

In RockWorks15 we've added options to place the title at the top and/or base of the log, oriented perpendicular, parallel, or angled to the log axis.

If you're plotting multiple logs in a cross section, the title settings you establish will apply to all logs in the diagram - you cannot establish different settings for individual logs. If you find that titles of closely-spaced logs overprint, you'll need to zoom in and hand-edit in RockPlot2d.

Hope this answers your question. Let us know if you need more details.


RockWare Inc

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What I noticed when I went into Rockplot2D is that all my vertically orientated titles were set to base justification, whereas, I would like them to be centered over the log. On the scale I am using, with base justification, the vertically orientated labels all appear to be offset to the left.

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