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Grid initialize error

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I cannot get the Grid Initialize function to create a vertical plane "dipping" to 210. I've supplied all the required parameters and the 2D contour output hangs up at 96% complete and the 3D output is blank with no grid surface. Is something wrong with grid initialize after the most recent software upgrade?

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Hi Warren,

The program will not allow you to create a vertical grid (you can't assign multiple z values to a single xy location in a grid), but you should be able to create a plane with a dip direction of 210 (the dip amount should be between -90 and +90).

If you are truly trying to represent a vertical plane in RockPlot3D, you might take a look at a tool that we added fairly recently under Graphix --> 3D-Utilities --> Fault Contours -> Fault Surface menu item. This allows you to create an ATD file with a list of XYZ values withing 2 or more polylines within a fault surface. The program will consruct triangles connecting the polylines. This would be purely for visual purposes (a grid is not created).

The Graphix --> 3D-Utilities --> Triangles program also might come in handy.

If you are really trying to create a surface that is not exactly vertical (say with a dip of 89 degrees) and you are running into problems, it would be helpful if you could email me the menu settings for the grid initialize tool ([email protected]). I'd be happy to test this in my end.



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I see now that the grid initialize output is not happy with steep dips. A dip of 89 produces a useless sliver of a plane. I need a quick representation of faults built from a single XYZ and a measured dip direction.

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