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Surfer 8 Shutting Down In Windows 7

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Everytime I select the drawing tools in a Surfer 8 Plot the progranm quits responding. Is this because I am now using Windows 7? Do you have any other ideas as this is extemely frustrating.


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Hi Anthony,

Surfer 9 required a number of changes to the GsDraw module to be compatible with Windows 7, and Surfer 8 may be having the same problems.

Revisions List - Surfer 9.8.669 (December 22, 2009)
(partial list)

  • A GsDraw error occurred when opening Surfer 9 SRF files with embedded images under Windows 7.
  • Some image fills showed black dots under Windows 7.
  • Colors were incorrect for image patterns when the foreground or background color opacity was less than 100% under Windows 7.
  • (more)

We installed the Surfer 8.00 demo in Windows 7, and in a quick test all the drawing tools operated without problems.

Please report the complete version of Surfer 8 that is displayed in the Help | About dialog, and include details of the exact procedure that you perform to cause the error. For example, do you choose the Draw menu, or do you click on the tools in the toolbar?

For comparison, you may want to download the demo for Surfer 9 to see if it exhibits the same problems.

Surfer 9 Demo Download



Tom B

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