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How to extract XYZ points from a map or profile

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A customer writes:

"I have generated profiles using Grid | Profile tool and I get the profiles as a diagram. Is there any way to extract the XYZ data for these profiles?"

One way to extract XYZ values along a profile is to digitize points XY points along the profile in map view and extract the Z values with the Residuals command.

  • Enable the option to Create Separate Location Map in the Grid Profile Options menu.
  • Digitize the desired XY points along the profile with the RockPlot/2D Digitize | Points menu command.
  • Click on the button to Copy Numeric Data To Clipboard found in the lower right corner of the RockPlot/2D window.


  • Paste the data into the first two columns of the Utilities data spreadsheet.
  • Fill the third column with zeros by typing the first 0, copying it to the clipboard,highlighting the remaining cells and pasting.
  • Choose the Grid |Statistics | Residuals menu command to display the Grid Residuals Options window. Specify the Input Columns for X (Easting), Y(Northing), and Z(Observed), the Output Columns for Z(Predicted) and (Residuals), and the output Grid Name. The results are displayed in the Z (Predicted) column in data spreadsheet.




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I will soon be importing several profiles to rectify, digitize surfaces and contacts, and then turn the picks into contour maps. Does RW17 use the same approach for generating XYZ coordinates as the 2010 version, or is an alternate approach?

Thank you in advance for your time, and have a great week,

Drew Clemens, PG

USACE New England District

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Hi Drew,

RockWorks 17 includes the method above, but another method that may apply is to display the profile in 3D, then digitize the XYZ coordinates directly in RockPlot3D. This method can work well with raster images of profiles which are displayed in 3D with the Utilities Vertical (Images->Vertical Panels) menu command. Display the panels in RockPlot3D, click on the Digitize button, and click on the profile to record the XYZ coordinates.


Digitize XYZ coordinates in RockPlot3D.


Tom B

RockWare Inc


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