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Label P-value in Striplogs

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What is P-test table actually?

"Text" is only available for I-Data and T-Data but not for P-Data in the log designer.

problem still not solved.


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In versions earlier than RockWorks15 you would need to copy the data to an I-Data tab and activate the I-Data Text column in the log designer. This would be easily done in Excel: Export the locations and P-Data, copy the desired data to the I-Data worksheet, being sure to copy/paste the single depth entries into the Base Depth column, one level upward. Then import.

(Our omission of P-Data Text columns in logs wasn't malicious. Most geophysical data is so dense that offering automatic labels in logs was unworkable.)

I-Text and P-Text data tabs were added in RockWorks15 for entry of alpha/numeric data and their display in logs, such as Sample ID's, comments, and the like. Currently, though, they're available only for 2D logs. I-Data and P-Data tabs are limited to numeric values only.

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc

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