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Why upgrade to LP 2005?

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I have been using LogPlot 2003 for about a year now and am wondering why I should upgrade.

Are there new features?

Is it much easier to use?

I know that Molly or Tofer will probably have some input, but I would also really appreciate some input from someone unaffiliated with Rockware. No offence guys!


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Guest Tofer Lewis

Hi Chris,

I have actually left RockWare. About 2 1/2 months ago I took a job with elpaso Production here in Denver. I now primarily use Petra and GGX instead of RockWorks and LogPlot. Pros and Cons to both sides...But for single well descriptions, LP is far superior for complete logs...

Molly has some good reasons and will probably reply, but here is a link to the web site that has the features list...Not sure if you have seen this, but it may help a little...


In general 2005 has a cleaner interface and is faster, more stable then 2003 with new features, as listed in the link...It looks similiar to 2003...

Sorry I'm not much help (after 8 weeks I've begun to forget how to use LP), but hopefully its a start...

Tofer Lewis

elpaso Production

Onshore Western

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