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Adding extra information above sticklogs

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When I wanna produce a sticklog or even a profile containing the sticklogs nearby, only the borehole title can be displayed above the sticklogs. But what I wanna present in the sticklogs is to include the elevation of the sticklogs just below the borehole names. Is there any way to do this apart from adding this information by hand afterwards?

Also, when I produce a profile with the sticklogs included (for example swath =50), could I know the offset distance and direction of the sticklogs to the profile? Is there a way that it can automatically calculate the offset and present it below the sticklog name?

Thank you very much.

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Hi Olivia,

The current version of RockWorks15 (2009) does not have the ability to post additional fields in the Title above borehole on a striplog, but there are a couple ways to work around the problem. In addition, I have added your request for this feature to the suggestion file.

- If you plot the depth column starting at 0, add a check mark to the Include Elevations option in the 2D Striplog Designer Depth Bar Options. The elevation is plotted at 0 and all other labeled depths.

- Another method is to add the text to the Symbol tab. Type in the text with the desired negative depth (above ground) for positioning, or use Excel cell functions to get this information from the Location tab to the Symbol tab and import the Excel file back into the current project. If you are using the Symbol tab for other purposes, the I-Data Text, P-Data Text, or Pattern tables can be used.

Export the current project to Excel. The Symbol tab has 5 columns: Bore, Depth, Symbol, Color, and Comment.

  • In cell A2 of the Symbol tab, I get the borehole ID from the Location tab using the formula =Location!A2 .
  • For the Samples data set, I use a Depth of -10. You may need to vary this depth based on the Z range of your profile or cross-section.
  • In the Comment field I get the elevation with the formula =Location!D2 . To add static text, put the text in double-quotes and use the ampersand & to concatenate or add the text strings together, e.g. ="elev: " & Location!A2 .

Import the Location and Symbol tabs back into the database to update it with the new information.


Use the Excel cell formulas to add values from the Location tab to the Symbol tab.


Display the text from the Symbol tab on a striplog profile or cross-section.

- The current version of RockWorks does not have the ability to calculate the distance between the well and the line of profile. Use equations from the following web site, or the VBA code from this site in Excel to calculate the distance.



VBA Code


I have added your request for this feature to the suggestion file.


Tom B

[email protected]

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