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Quicksurf problems

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I received the new quicksurf and all hell has broken loose. I have added the support file search path, added the menu file and added the MNU to the startup suite, just like I always do.

Everything looks fine, but much has changed.

My ACAD is now acting crazy.

My windows dialog boxes for saving and opening files are gone, and there are numerous problems with quicksurf. I'm getting dialod box errors from commands like config ASCII load. There is someting up with the dialog boxes.

I need help.

FYI...My quicksurf disks have a 2009 label and the zip file says 2010. The sales people told me it is OK as long as the zip file is named 2010.

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Hi Jim,

- The installation instructions for QuickSurf 2010 use the QuickSurfLoad.lsp file to load the QuickSurf ribbon. There is nothing in the help about loading the QS6.mnu file, though this is the method used for past versions of QuickSurf. When I follow the instructions in the help file, I cannot duplicate the problem with missing Windows Open and Save dialog boxes.

Also, I tried the AutoCAD MENULOAD command to load the old QS6.MNU file. This replaces the ribbon with the old menu system, and the Open and Save dialog boxes are still present.

Please answer the following questions about your system:

- What version and service pack of Windows are you using?

- Are you running a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows? ( How can I tell if my computer is running a 32-bit or a 64-bit version of Windows? )

- What version of AutoCAD 2010 are you using?

- When you do a procedure like config ASCII load, what is the full text of the error message?

You may be able to work around the problem by reinstalling AutoCAD 2010 to reset it to its original configuration, and following the directions in the help file regarding loading the QuickSurfLoad.lsp file.

- The QuickSurf 2010 CD that you received was labeled with an old 2009 label in error. You verified that the file was QuickSurf2010x86.zip for the 32-bit version of Windows, so it sounds like you have the correct version of QuickSurf.


Tom B


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