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LogPlot Header & Footer entities


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We are experiencing a frustrating behaviour from LDF files. Items placed in the header and footer change position after the LDF file is saved and when an LDF file is opened.

There is no systematic trait to this. It can be a box or boxes one time and text another, or some combination of any entities.

We are using the current release/build of LogPlot

Can you advise on the cause and remedy?

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You might double-check that you don't have the Snap to Grid option activated in the Log Designer window (Options / Snap menu or the arrow button at the bottom of the screen). If you have Snap activated and the Snap Grid is fairly coarse, this could cause items to move.

Please also confirm the revision date of the program, via LogPlot's Help / About LogPlot option. There is a "Last Revised" listing near the bottom of that window.

Feel free to email your LDF file to the support staff (tech@rockware.com) and we can take a look.

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