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I am using GWB 7.0 on Win XP. I am trying to link my fluid flow simulation model with GWB to account for some geochemistry with flow in porous media.

My fluid flow model runs on Cygwin/UNIX environment. Hence, I was trying to execute rxn.exe/react.exe from Unix Tclsh shell. I did following

in /Gwb/src/ folder

$tclsh RC_example3.tcl

I got following error:

Error: Pipe interface module not installed.

Could you please help me run GWB on Unix environment? Do i need to buy Unix version of GWB?



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The remote control features of GWB were only available in the GWB Professional package for GWB 7. To use these features, you'll either have to upgrade to that, or upgrade to GWB 8, where this feature comes with Essentials and Standard also.


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