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Surfer 8 Contour Maps

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There are three methods to restrict contours to an smaller area.

1. Reduce the search radius to a value that is larger than the distance between data points, but smaller than the entire map.

2. Choose a gridding method that is constrained to the data limits, such as Triangulation or Natural Neighbor.

3. Grid the entire area, create a polygon in the Surfer BLN format and blank the area outside the polygon.

The polygon can be digitized on the map by right-clicking on the map and choosing the Digitize option. Save the BLN file, open it in the worksheet, and change the value in cell B1 to 0. Save the changes, close the worksheet, and choose the Grid | Blank menu command. Specify the original GRD file, the BLN file, and a new output GRD file name. Create a contour map from the new GRD file.

These methods work in Surfer 9 as well.


Tom B

[email protected]

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