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Bigger than a million nodes?

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Hi Greg,

there is no hard wired limit on model size though the capabilities of your computer may limit what is possible. The question you need to ask is whether you have enough data coverage that generating high density models will make sense.

I'm running creating a test model with RockWorks 15 that is 205x225x75 which will result in ~3.5 million nodes and will use over 27MB of memory. Its slow but doable. Large models will require more time to create and render.

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Actually, there is a hard limit X by Y wise.

I'm doing stratigraphic modelling on huge quarries, around 3 by 7 miles. I'm covering this at the moment with around 601 x 321 nodes, doing 192.921 nodes horizontally. 'Zwize', I got around 150 nodes, doing 30.095.676 voxels. That is huge, but the pixels are 'only' 50 feet by 50 feet, and sometimes, to predict chemistry of quarry blast, I would like to have better resolution, but you got a million nodes horizontal hard limit.

I was wondering, besides the fact to make several different models around the quarry, if there was a way I could have a better horizontal resolution than 1M values.

Thanks anyway for your input.

Best regards,

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