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Use LogPlot2005 to create long TIFF logs

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LogPlot's TIFF export is limited to a single page only. So, if you have a continuous log and you want to export the entire log to TIFF format, you can export each page individually and then append them in a paint or photo-style program (cumbersome) or simply redraw your log as a single, long page and export that.

Here are the steps you can take to create a long single-page view of a continuous Logplot log and save it in a TIFF format.

1. Open LogPlot as necessary.

2. Use the File / Page + Printer Setup command to set LogPlot's Page Settings to a length that will accommodate your entire log. For example, if you usually use letter-sized paper (8.5 x 11) and your log is 10 pages long, you should set your page length to 110 inches (10 x 11). The width can be left as-is (e.g. 8.5).

Click OK. The program will warn you that the page length is too long for your printer, and do-you-want-to-fix. Respond NO.

When asked if you want to save the new page size to your log design, you can choose Yes, though you'll probably want to go back later to change it back to the normal page size.

3. Reopen your log (LPT file) into a Log View window, by choosing the File / New / LogView command from the main LogPlot menu, and then choosing File / Open to open the existing LPT file. (If you prefer, you can simply recompile your log to this new, long page size.)

The program will prompt you that the printer page size and log page size don't match, and do-you-want-to-adjust-the-page-size? Click YES.

You should see the same Page Setup window you saw under #2, with the Page Settings set to a length of (for example) 110 and 8.5. Click OK.

LogPlot will warn you again that the page is too big for your current printer, click NO to the do-you-want-to-fix prompt.

Your log should now be displayed as page 1 of 1, on a long, 110-inch page. You should scroll down in the LogView window to confirm that the entire log is displayed.

4. Export the log to the TIFF file:

Choose File / Export / TIFF from the Log View window.

File Name: Click on the File Name prompt and type in a name for the TIFF file to be created.

Pixels per Inch: Set this as you want. 96 DPI is probably adequate for viewing on the screen, but too low for printing. Use 150 - 300 (or higher) if you'll be outputting the TIFF to a printer. This can create quite a large file.

Colors: Set this as you want.

Tiff Compression: Your choice (packbits is default).

Click OK.

LogPlot will save the log image in a TIFF format in the folder you specified.

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