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Stratigrafy - deal with a model

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I've attached a picture of a 2d model section (Section - modeled) with boreholes profile.

I've created a model with many boreholes but when I overlap a model's section with the C\BH31 borehole stratigrafy profile, my model seems to be non correct. How can I solve the brown profile (stratigrafy) to meet the real borehole profile C\BH31 (which of course has been used for interpolation)?



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One option is to add the missing units to the base of C\BH31. For example:

0 6.5 gravel

6.5 6.5 brown unit

6.5 6.5 yellow unit

This will give the program additional control to know to pull the brown and yellow surfaces down below the gravel. If you don't feel comfortable adding units below the base of the borehole (they were never encountered) it gets a bit more complicated.

There is a topic "missing formations" in the Help messages which may offer a better explanation. It includes graphic examples and a discussion of the consequences of adding zero-thickness formations versus leaving borehole bases blank in logs versus modeling.


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