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lateral boundaries X2t


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In X2t models, is the default for lateral boundaries (i.e. boundaries that flow is parallel too) = 'no flow' boundary? Or can mass advect, disperse and diffuse across?

Hi Mathew:

The default is closed, but it is not the only option. From the v8 Reactive Transport Modeling Guide:

"In X2t, you most commonly let the program calculate the groundwater flow field as it evolves over the course of the simulation. You set the left and right boundaries to be either open or closed to flow, or to be crossed by a certain discharge. The top and bottom boundaries are closed to flow. You then set the head or potential drop across the domain and either the production or injection rate, or the head at each well.

You can also import the flow field from another program. In this case, you set up a table of the fluid discharge from node to node along x, and another for flow along y. X2t reads the tables and uses the values they contain to set the flow field. In this case, fluid may enter or leave the domain across any of the boundaries, not just the left and right side."



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