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Logplot Batch file

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I have two questions:

1. When I make a batch file, will logplot stay in the background and just show a print preview? And if not is there a way to make this happen?

2. I am using the sample batch file. It contains header info (header=T) that is not in the tutorial. I was wondering if you have a better list of commands for the batch file and maybe a finished batch file.

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1. If you include the DISPLAY command in the batch, then the LogPlot program window will be displayed behind the LogView window (where the compiled log is displayed).

If you don't include the DISPLAY command in the batch, then you won't see the LogPlot program window - just a minimized icon during batch processing.

2. It looks like the sample batch is a little out of date. The "HEADER" command is now listed as CONTINUOUS=T or CONTINUOUS=F for continuous or single-page logs. The help file topic (in the Reference section, Command Line Execution) is correct.

Here is a sample batch which would compile the data file into the log design at 100 feet per inch, continous, with a 0.05 inch header margin, with display in LogView, saving as an LPT and print output. (All other options would be assumed to run using the default settings currently established in LogPlot).










If you are printing, do be sure that the page size in the log design matches the default page size in the printer so that the batch is not halted by a page size warning screen.

If you need to compile more than one log in a batch manner, you cannot use the command line process. Instead, use the menu-based batch compiler.

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