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The lithology type display on the select boreholes tool is too short and doesn't display the entire lithology name, which is problematic because some of my lithology names are long and start with the same words so I can't distinguish them. Therefore, I need to print the lithology types table for reference when using the select boreholes tool (I assume they are listed in the same order). Is there a way to print the lithology table other than doing a screen print?

Also, the only way I can figure out to access the lithology types table is by clicking on the keyword under the lithology tab. I no longer have a "Tables" button or "View Lithology Types" button. Is this now the only way to access the lithology types table or is there a way to get these buttons back?



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Hi Kyle,

The Lithology type column is sizable, click on the line between the keyword and comment columns in the titles bar and drag it to the make it bigger.

If you need to print it you could export it from the Lithology Types table editor and import into Word or Excel and print it from there.

You can open the Lithology Types table editor by double-clicking on the keyword, clicking on the Lithology Type button just above the Lithology grid (let the help hint appear by pausing the mouse cursor over the buttons) or choose Lithology Types from the Project Manager (on the left side of the screen) / Borehole Tables / Lithology Types. The 'Tables' tab on the far left of the window that was in RW/2006 was redone as the 'Project Manager' in RW/14.



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Kyle - Another suggestion... if you need to make a graphical legend of the table, you should be able to do this using RockPlot2D, or Reportworks.

ReportWorks gives you more options for the format of the legend. In order to create a lithology legend in ReportWorks, you'll need to export it from the Lithology Types table as an ASCII TAB file.


Alison ([email protected])

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