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Importing USGS 30 meter DEM help

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What is the file format required to import USGS 30 meter DEMs using the Grid/Import option? I've got a DEM with a .adf extension, but when I browse to the file to import I only have a .grd option (or all files). Do I have to convert the .adf file to a .grd file prior to importing? I've tried the "all files" route but I get a " "is not a valid integer value " error. I don't know if there is a problem with the file type, the data, my project dimensions or some option I need to select/deselect.

The "help" says:

Digital Elevation Model (DEM):RockWorks can import Canadian Government, USGS 30-Meter, or USGS 3 Arc Second DEM formats. This tool does not import DEM files in SDTS format.

Resolution/Source: Choose Canadian Government, USGS 30-Meter, or USGS 3 Arc Second.

Elevations Units: Select whether the Z-values (elevations) from the imported DEM file should be saved in the output model as meters or as feet.

Undefined Nodes: Select the method to be used to define any nodes missing in the input file.

I'm glad it can do that. I'd just like to know how.

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Hi Adrien,

RockWorks does not import the ADF file format directly, but another thread on the forum suggests converting the file using Global Mapper or ArcView.

You are welcome to send me a ZIP file with the ADF and I'll take a look. Files too large for e-mail can be uploaded to the RockWare web site:



Tom B

[email protected]

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