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Custom Contour Lines ---?---?---?---

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I recently had a customer pose a great question: How to create custom contour line styles, specifically to produce an interpretive contour line that looks like -----?-------?-------?-------

There are two ways to achieve “?” labels for your contour lines:

1. The first is to create a custom contour table. This type of table lists the Z values at which the contours are to be drawn, the style and color of the line to be used to represent each value, and the desired label for each, which you could define as the z-value itself or text such as “?”. In the map or section menu, under the Contour Lines option, expand Intervals and choose Custom. Expand that heading and define the Contour Line Table to be used (or edit the current table and re-save). This type of table should be discussed in the Help messages under the Tables section.

2. In Rockworks2006 and 14 you can also edit the contour lines in an existing map or section panel to insert a “?” label. Click on the arrow-shaped Edit Mode button in RockPlot2D, and click on the contour to be edited. It should be displayed with red selection-boxes at each vertex of the polyline. Right-click on the selected line and choose Properties. In the Labeling / Caption box, type in the “?”. You may need to adjust the Spacing setting, which is defined in your map units, to make the labels appear more frequently (smaller Spacing setting) or less frequently (greater Spacing value).


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