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Sean S

Simple plume modelling

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Hello all,

My company is planning on purchasing RockWorks Utilities in the near future. As part of my proposal, I need to figure out how to achieve the following, and make sure it is applicable to our needs:

My primary goal with Rockworks is to build subsurface plume models of leaks from UST's. The data I have available is:

X, Y, Z coordinates of sample point

Contaminant level (ppm) at that XYZ point

surface elevation at XY locations.

The data obviously comes from several soil sampling borings in the area.

In the spreadsheet, I have set up a coumn for X, Y, Z, Elevation, and G (contamination level). Each sample point has an XYZG entry and each surface elevation point has an XYElevation entry - one line per sample point.

Now, there are two things I need to do, but I cannot get it to show up correctly.

1. Use the XYZG data to extrapolate a plume shape based on a threshold I give the data (say, 100ppm or 200ppm). I want nothing else to show around the plume in the subsurface.

2. Use the XYElevation data to build the ground surface model above that plume.

I've been working with the program and running through the tutorials but cannot get the hang of how rockworks takes my spreadsheet data and inputs it into RockPlot3D (no "linked data files" are present when I click on Rockplot3d.

Can anyone give me some guidelines on how I can achieve the above?



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Hi Sean,

- To generate a 3D model from the XYZG data in the worksheet, use the RockWorks Utilities Solid | Model menu command to display the Create Solid Model dialog. Specify the correct columns in the Input Columns section of the dialog, then click on the plus sign to the left of the Create New Model item to specify the Solid Model Name and Algorithm.

Further down the list, expand the Create Solid Diagram item to specify the settings for displaying the 3D model in RockPlot3D.

- To build the XY GRD file of the ground surface, choose the Map | Grid-Based Map menu command. Specify the Input Columns, expand the Create New Grid item to specify the GRD file name and gridding parameters, and specify the settings for the Create Grid Diagram if desired. The XY grid spacing and min max XY in the Model Dimensions of the GRD file should match those of the 3D solid model if you plan to filter the model based on the GRD file.

If you have further questions, you are welcome to post here or contact me directly.


Tom B

[email protected]

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