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How to present a horizontal well

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How do I plot a horizontal well. The well is 120 feet long. I have XYZ corrdinates for the ends of the wells but I am not sure how to Plot them. I use Rockworks 14. Any assistance is appreciated.


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Hi Kevin,

LogPlot and RockWorks operate differently in regards to non-vertical wells. Here's a quick summary:

LogPlot creates vertical strip logs only. The log is always compiled at a specific vertical scale - drilled depth units per inch/cm. If you have downhole survey data for the well (depths, bearings, inclinations) in the DAT file, you can represent true elevations with ticks/labels on the log's scale bar and you can display a true elevation curve on the log, but the log itself is always a vertical chart.

By contrast, RockWorks can display logs (individual ones, and those in sections and in 3D) with true orientation, both projected onto a plane as well as "unwound". This also requires that downhole survey measurements are listed for the well, in the Borehole Manager's Orientation tab.

If you don't have bearing/inclination survey information but, instead, a listing of XYZ coordinates, you can convert these into the required downhole survey format using the RockWorks Utilities Coords / XYZ->Polar option. The resulting distance, bearing, inclination values can be imported or copy/pasted into the RockWorks and/or LogPlot Orientation tab.

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc

[email protected]

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