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Creating a stiff diagram

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Hi, I am trying to create two stiff diagrams (one for anions and one for cations) with a set of ground water chemistry data. I am only able to get a tiny, skinny plot. I need the plot for a report I am creating (ideally publication quality). The data I am using to plot the diagram are as follows:

(All values are in mg/L)

well name = BC-2D

HCO3 = 44

Cl - 3.7

SO4 = 26

Ca = 18

Mg = 0.4

K = 1.1

Na = 20

Any suggestions?

Thanks very much!


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Hi TC,

The defaults for the Stiff diagrams assume more than one sample will be plotted per page, so it takes a little futzing to get a good looking plot. Here's what I did:

1. I entered your data on two separate rows in the datasheet, one for anions and one for cations (you mentioned you needed them separate):

ID Na K Ca Mg Cl HCO3 CO3 SO4

BC-2D 20 1.1 18 0.4

BC-2D 3.7 44 26

2. I set the Stiff diagram input columns to the appropriate columns in the datasheet.

3. I set the Scaling settings to:

Horizontal: Automatic

Vertical Point Spacing: 1 (this works better for pages with few diagrams)

Text & Point Scalar: 1

4. I set the Diagram Options to:

Horizontal Axis Label Increments: 1

Fill Polygons: Monochrome (red)

See attached example. If you need additional data-specific advice, this is best addressed by email rather than via the forum.

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc

[email protected]


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