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I'm using RockWorks2006. I want to create a 3d model of the bedrock surface. I've populated the Total Depth in the Location tab with the refusal depths measured in the field. Can Total Depth be used directly to generate the bedrock surface model? Alternatively, is there a way to transfer it to the Stratigraphy tab?

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Hi Mark,

One way to add the Total Depths as Bedrock in the Stratigraphy model is grid the Total Depths, then copy that grid to Bedrock_top.grd and <OverlyingUnit>_base.grd, replacing <OverlyingUnit> with the name of the unit overlying the Bedrock.

To grid the Total Depths, load the location data to the Utilities datasheet with the File | Transfer | Locations->Utilities Datagrid menu command. On the Utilities tab, calculate the elevations at total depth by right-clicking in the datasheet and choose Columns | Math | Column & Column Math to subtract Elevation minus Total Depth. Choose Map | Grid-Based Map, specify the columns for Easting, Northing, and TD elevation.

To define the Bedrock_base.grd, choose Grid | Initialize and specify a single elevation at or below the Z minimum for the Project Dimensions.

Back on the Borehole Manager tab, add the Total Depth to the Stratigraphy table by clicking on the Stratigraphy tab and click on the View Stratigraphy Types icon on the right side of the tables. Change the Order for the Total Depth to make it the lowest "formation" (highest Order value).

Choose the Stratigraphy | Model menu command, and remove a check mark from the option to Interpolate Surfaces. RockWorks will use the existing GRD files for each formation.

Tom B

[email protected]

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