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Scatter data problem in 8.0.2

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hi Tom,

Thanks for the upgrade link you sent, however, I still cant plot my scatter data in Gtplot 8.0.2.

The data works perfectly in GWB 7.

"Time" "SO4--" "Sulfur" "Ca++"

7.00 2791 931.52 435.00

14.00 1827 609.78 377.00

21.00 1285 428.88 308.00

28.00 961.00 320.74 285.00

35.00 860.00 287.03 254.00

42.00 767.00 255.99 242.00

black black black black

yield yield yield circle

Kind Regards


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Hi Johan:

The scatter plot issue has been addressed in the latest patch release, v8.0.3. Please visit this thread for more information about the 8.0.3 patch.

I hope that helps,

Tom Meuzelaar

RockWare, Inc.

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