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I am trying to model subsurface Oil Material. The Stratigraphy model does not show a true representation of the data. I have experiance with the program and have learned to manipulate it the best ways to interpolate the data. The one thing I have not learned how to do is -

create a type of boolean i-data model showing locations where Oil Material is located based on, is it present, yes or no, rather then on a "G" value. I would like the program then to interpolate the Oil Material based on the yes or no intervals.

Am I missing something simple? or am I trying to do something that cant be done?

What I have done is assigned the Oil Material a 1 "G" value and a 0 to the intervals it is not present. From experiance would this be correct in saying anything interpolated over .5 would be my Oil Material model.

Thanks for your future input.

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Hi Will,

Sorry for the delay in responding!

Let me be sure I understand your question: You have created a column in the I-Data tab for "Oil Material", and you have entered values of "1" in this column for downhole intervals with Oil Material present, and values of "0" for intervals where it is not. You have then interpolated an I-Data / Model with the hopes that the solid model will show areas where Oil Material is present, presumably where the G values show > 0.5.

If this is what you are trying to do: it should work. (I just tried one with dummy data to confirm.) When the solid displays in RockPlot3D, I bring up the Isosurface Options and drag the iso-level slider bar to adjust the minimum value being displayed. See attached image. Note that you can choose a Solid color scheme if you don't want continuous color.

If you like, you can then create a Boolean version of this solid model, using the Utilites Solid / Boolean Operations / Boolean Filter, setting the thresholds to 0.5 (or whatever you decide is appropriate) for the lower, and 1.0 (upper). This Boolean model can be displayed in 3D (use All Voxels for diagram type), and can be used to multiply with other solid models to constrain them to Oil Material areas only.

Does this answer your question? If it's appropriate, feel free to address any additional questions to me by email.

Molly Mayfield

[email protected]


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Thanks Molly. I was looking for the confirmation for what I was doing was correct.

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