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Guest Tofer Lewis

Opening DOS-based Logger files in LogPlot

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Guest Tofer Lewis

Answer: Sorry but there is not any easy way to modify a DOS Logger file to be compatible with LogPlot. Because of the differences in the format and the amount of customization that is allowed in Logger and LogPlot, we found that it was impossible to write a universal converter. The first step in doing a conversion is to recreate your format in LogPlot as a LogDesign file. Once this is done you can manually use the Windows clipboard to cut and paste from the old data file into LogPlot, editing as necessary. You can do this using any text editor that you're comfortable with. If you use a word processing program, such as Word or WordPerfect, be careful to save the file as ASCII text. If you have a large number of similar files to convert and you have some programming skills, it wouldn't be very difficult to write a program to handle the conversion. The data format for LogPlot is in plain ASCII text and can be found in the on-line help in the reference section.

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