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Pierre Bachaud

Diffusion with ToughReact

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Dear colleagues,

I am working on CO2 sequestration and am currently trying to simulate CO2/brine/caprocks interactions with Petrasim/ToughReact.

I have two quick questions for wich I wasn't able to find an answer elsewhere :

- I am using the ECO2N EOS and wonder if the parameter DIFUN (diffusion coefficient for aqueous species) can be enter negative in order to get rid of the tortuosity dependency. I tried to do so and it made the simulation crash.

- I guess that it is not possible, but is there any way to modify the global geometry after having defined boundaries ?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Dear Pierre:

There is currently not a way to modify your project boundaries once you’ve established them in PetraSim. You can recreate the grid within the boundaries.

If you are planning on creating many models using similar material and global properties, and different model extents, I would recommend that you create a SIM file with no model domain or grid, but with the appropriate material properties and other settings. When you want to create a new model, you can open this SIM file, and save it with a new name. You can then add model domain boundaries, the grid, etc.

We have added an option for a more flexible model building interface to our list of items to consider for future versions of PetraSim. Please let me know if you have any questions about this.

Best Regards,


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