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Two kind of rocks in stratigraphy

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Hi all,

I'm working on a construction project with two kind of rocks (amphibolite and schist) having several weathering degrees. The weathering is modeled by lithology. Now i would like to model the extension of the schist, which is in a kind of fault, crossing the project area. The schist layer extends horizontally and vertically. The goal is to develop some cross sections, showing the schist extension horizontally and in depth, in order to adjust the excavation method (schist is weak, whereas amphibolite is damn hard). How could i model the "edge" of the schist and some lenses of amphibolite in the schist?

Thanks a lot,


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Hi Chris:

I'm a little unsure about what you mean when you say that the weathering has been modeled by lithology. Did you put weathering parameters, rather than rock types, into the Lithology table in the Borehole Manager Database?

Adding the new rock type to the model could be tricky depending on the geometry of the schist. Could you create a group of polygons and/or gridded surfaces that could be used to define the shape of the schist? If so, then you might be able to use a combination of the Solid --> Grid filtering and polygon filtering tools to insert the schist into your model.

If you could contact me directly with more details (it might also be useful if I could see your actual project and models created thus far), I would be happy to try to help with some more specific instructions. My email is [email protected]



Alison Alcott

RockWare, Inc.

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