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I've just started using HydroGeo Analyst, and I am having trouble with the HGA data that is loaded on the Map Manager. The program allows me to render my station data to have different symbols and labels and clearly displays them on the map, but the information icon or selection icon doesn't allow me to select my stations. I can define cross section traces and it even aims for the stations when drawing it, but when I try to create the cross section it gives me an error message saying that "no stations are within my buffer zone", even when my buffer zone is set to a ridiculously large number and the cross section trace lies directly over a station. I can not figure out why it identifies my stations in some circumstances but not in others.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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In HGA, cross sections can be drawn based on any loaded HGA data. This means that you must have selected the station group or query you wish to generate cross sections from prior to drawing your cross section line. For example, you may load all of the stations in your database onto a map but it may be more practical to load only those stations that contain lithology to generate your cross section.

However, if all your stations are visible when drawing the cross section, it may be confusing if these are within the offset but the stations with lithology are not. In this situation, it may be best to turn off all the layers in the map except for the layer you are using to generate the cross sections and any reference maps in order to choose an appropriate buffer.

If you continue to experience difficulties, please contact SWS Technical Support at sws-support@slb.com for more information.

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