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How to compute average chemistry for stratigraphy from interval data

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I have a set of boreholes, for each of which I have intervals containing chemistry, and stratigraphy defined also.

Now I would like to compute a chemical average for each borehole and each stratigraphy, based on the intervals chemistry contained inside each stratigraphical units.

Is it possible automatically?

Many thanks,

Gregoire Vandenschrick

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Hi Gregoire

You can use the I-Data / Statistics option to generate a statistics report for a selected I-Data track, for all boreholes, for data which lie within a specific formation. Under the I-Data Track prompt, check and expand the Spatial (XYZ) Filtering heading, and specify the formation_top.grd for the Upper Surface Filter and formation_base.grd for the Lower Surface Filter. (This assumes you've created a stratigraphy model for the project - you'll use the upper and lower surfaces to filter the data.) Be sure also to insert check-marks for the specific filters in the menu. You would need to repeat this for each stratigraphic unit.

If you need a report borehole by borehole, you can create a map of average values using the I-Data / Statistics Map option, turning on the Upper and Lower Surface Grid Filters as described above, and being sure to select Average I-Data Value as the map type. Again, you would need to run the map for each strat unit.

You can also export a data listing: Click on the I-Data tab for any borehole, click on the Export button, and choose ASCII File or Utilities Datasheet as the destination. Select the Track and turn on the Upper and Lower Surface Grid Filters as described. The resulting numeric report will list borehole ID and all measurements for the selected track which lie between the surfaces. If multiple measurements are shown for any BH, you would need to compute the average manually. (Excel might be handy for this.) You would need to run this export for each strat unit.

Feel free to contact me or our tech staff directly by email if you need additional information.

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc

[email protected]

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Many thanks Molly, this more than fills the bill.

I manage to produce maps, and that's what I was asked. Now to know how to produce report and numerical values is a nice thing to know too.

All the best,


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