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Is there a way in RockWorks to pick lithology boundaries from drill log bitmap images, similar to the Stratigraphy picker? Can the Strat picker be used to make lithology picks, and those picks saved in a utility spreadsheet that can be imported into the Lithology section of the Project Manager?

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RockWorks does not contain a lithology picker (though it's a great idea).

You'll have difficulty trying to trick the Strat picker into identifying lithology zones because strat units cannot repeat within a well but lithology can. In addition, the picker tool will draw correlations between the wells as you make your picks. You could possibly square-peg/round-hole this process for lithology if the geology's not too complex - maybe better addressed if I could see your data and communicate via email.

There are digitizing tools in RockPlot2D that might be easier. Create a Striplog / Single Log or Multi-Log Profile diagram displaying your raster logs, and use the Digitize / Points tool to digitize contacts downhole. You'll see the coordinates in the lower-right pane; note that X is simply the distance along the profile, and Y is ELEVATION. You can type in notes next to each pair (e.g. 'limestone"). When you complete a well, you can copy the numeric data only to the clipboard (look for the button with that hint above the small data pane) so that you can paste into Excel or other datasheet. You would need to subtract the digitized elevations from the surface elevation to determine depths for entry into the Borehole Manager.

Feel free to contact me directly if you have more data-specific questions.

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc

[email protected]

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