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Displaying 2 surface profiles on a P-Data Section

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In the P-Data Section setup window, there's a check-box for Plot Surface Profile which can be used to show a line representing the ground surface or a water level surface, as read from an existing grid model (GRD).

If you want an additional surface, such as another water level or the top of a stratigraphic unit, you can run the P-Data / Section option again, this time:

(1) choosing Use Existing Model so that the program doesn't go through the process of reinterpolating your p-data again,

(2) turning off EVERYTHING except Plot Surface Profile. Be sure all the Perimeter Annotations are off.

(3) expanding the Plot Surface Profile heading to select the name of the grid model to be shown. You can also choose the line style and color for this line.

You can accept the same (default) section trace. What you should see in RockPlot is a simple profile line, with nothing else.

Save this image as an "RKW" file (File / Save As).

Access the RockPlot window where the original P-Data section is displayed, and choose Utilities / Append. Select the RKW file with the simple line, and the program will open a new plot window with the original P-Data section and the appended surface line.

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