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Opening Garmin GPS (gdb) Files

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I need to open a data file downloaded from a Garmin GPS III+ that consists of a *.gdb file. When I attempt to open the file, Global Mapper 10 reports that the overlay type cannot be determined from the file name and pops open a dialog box with a number of available overlay types, beginning with ACE (altitude corrected. Which overlay should I pick? I have Garmin's MapSource and can export to UTM DXF that way, but a direct import to Global Mapper would be nice.

Thanks for some help!

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Guest Nicole Cordier

Actually the *.gdb files are the format used by Garmin's MapSource PC software. As Garmin doesn't publish that format there aren't any plans to add support for it, but assuming a user has MapSource you can simply load them there and then export them as *.gpx to get them into Global Mapper.

Feel free to contact me with any further questions, thanks.

Nicole Cordier

RockWare Inc

[email protected]

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