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comma? point?

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Hi I am İbrahim

My pc was needed format and I did it and setup again Logplot 2005 with licenced but later We have two problems

1- I do "log a compile" bottom of interval and elevation data is wrong I mean bottom of interval:65,50 elevation:1250,35

I do log a compile; bottom of interval is 6550,00 elevation: 125035,00 ıt didnt like that before

2- second problem is so interesting. I did metters value of litology units via interval data icon on ldf

for exemple top of any borehole is 0,00 (enter metter) I did log a compile "0" is not appear I save as logview it and then open the logview and open the borehole, ıt appear ("0")

thanks for helping

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Dear Ibrahim,

LogPlot should support your non-US numbers with commas for decimal places. The program actually stores the data (in the DAT file) using US numbers, but it should display the numbers in the program itself using your preferred number format. Please be sure:

(1) you are using the last update for LogPlot2005 (2005.2.69.78a). You can download this revision from:


(or, if this link does not work, just visit www.rockware.com/downloads/productUpdates.php, scroll down to LogPlot2005, and click the small "Download" link)

(2) your Windows settings (Control Panel, Regional Options) are set up with the comma as the decimal marker.

If you continue to have problems with the commas, please email me the DAT and LDF files for review.


Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc


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