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Dem & create a 3d stratigraphy mode

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I'm new of Rockworks, so please help, even if is a simple thing, with a lot of passages! :rolleyes:

I have to do a 3d model (stratigraphy) and i have 20 boreholes in the area, but i would use also a DEM to improve the results.

1) is it possible?

2)how can i do this?

3)i try to import a dem in ascii grid export .txt but it makes error. :blink:

thank you. marymini

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Yes, you can constrain a stratigraphy model using a ground surface DEM. The first step is to import the DEM... if you are getting an error on import, I would first suggest reviewing the Help messages regarding the formats we import via the Utilities / Grid / Import option. You can also feel free to zip and email me the file you are trying to import and I can offer suggestions.

The next step is to be sure that the imported grid model has the same dimensions and node spacing as you have established in the Project Dimensions pane for your stratigraphic surfaces. You can resample a grid to fit your Project Dimensions using the Utilities / Grid / Math / Resample option.

Then, you can build your stratigraphic model using the Stratigraphy / Model option. Be sure that Interpolate Surfaces is checked, and expand that heading to activate the Constrain Model Based on Ground Surface option. Under than heading you can browse for the imported (and resampled?) GRD file, choose Truncate Units Above Ground Surface, and (if you wish) substitute that GRD file for the top surface of the uppermost stratigraphic unit.

Hope this helps.

Molly Mayfield

RockWare Inc

[email protected]

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In Stratigraphy/model option (in Borohole manager) there isn't the Constrain Model Based on Ground Surface option.

Why? The rockworks version is : Rockworks 2006- revision 7.6.19.

thank you! :lol:

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Ah, sorry. That option is new in RockWorks14.

In RockWorks2006, you'll need to do that manually. You need to trick RockWorks into using the imported grid for the strat model rather than its automatically-created grid model.

1. Create the stratigraphy model, being sure Interpolate Surfaces is on.

2. Import the DEM and resample it if necessary.

3. Using Windows Explorer, browse to your project folder. Locate the GRD file that RockWorks created, representing the upper surface of your uppermost stratigraphic unit. For example, if your top stratigraphy unit is named "Formation1", then look for the GRD file that is named "Formation1_top.grd". Rename this file to "Formation1_top_original.grd" (or similar).

4. Now, rename the imported-resampled GRD file to the expected formation top name ("Formation1_top.grd"). This file must be in your project folder.

5. In RockWorks, run Stratigraphy / Model, being sure that Interpolate Surfaces is turned OFF. The program will rebuild the stratigraphy model using the existing GRD surfaces, including your renamed DEM which will now be used as the top of the uppermost unit.

There are grid filtering tools in the Utilities / Grid / Filters menu should you need to constrain any of the other stratigraphic surfaces with this DEM. For more information, please refer Stratigraphy and Gridding Tools topics in the RockWorks Case Studies section of our website:


There is a newer build of RockWorks2006 available which I would recommend you install. It can be downloaded from www.rockware.com/downloads/productUpdates.php.

If you have data-specific questions, this is best addressed via email rather than the forum. Feel free to zip and email me your project folder if you need suggestions.


RockWare Inc

[email protected]

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