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omitted text in compiled logs, at bottom of page

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I have been using LogPlot for about 3 years. Only recently, some of my text in the lithology column is being omitted at the bottom of some pages. I am awaiting a solution from Rockware, but was wondering if others are having the same problem, and, if so, is there a known solution to the problem. I am at a standstill as far as being able to produce a completly finished compiled log until the problem is corrected; and, I need to get back on track in making presentation quality logs to keep my client happy.

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Hi Larry,

Troubleshooting inconsistent text behavior is very difficult because of the small size of the text, the influence of different versions of Windows, and differences between screen and printer output. Because the problem you are experiencing seems to be focused at the page breaks, the first thing to try is to change the compile scale just a tad - such as 10.01 instead of 10. Other options are to adjust the page length (e.g. 10.49 instead of 10.5) or to try a different font for that log (7 pt Tahoma perhaps, instead of 8 pt Arial) though making the font even smaller may exacerbate the problem.

Please direct followup inquiries to me by email.


Molly Mayfield

[email protected]

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